Experience pays off

As a subsidiary of RAT Spezialmaschinen GmbH, located in 35708 Haiger – Sechshelden, Germany, Taicang RAT Machinery & Technology Co., LTD. continuously strengthened its presence in the Chinese market to create a global supply chain.

After the foundation, the company opened its doors in Taicang Dongcang Road on November 29th of 2012. As a result of 4 years of steady growth, on 1st of April 2017, we move to the new location in the Beizhangjing Road No. 1, Chengxiang Town.

Our new production side embraces two doublewing production halls with more than 4.200 square meters of production space, over all equipped with five heavy material cranes from 10 to 25 tons and a connected office building with three floors.

Meanwhile the team consists of 25employees in production area, five technicians and electro technicians, ten tooling engineers and seven in administration, a total of 47 employees.

doublewing production


worldwide connections

Due to the subsidiaries good start and the parent company’s worldwide connections and reputations, its estimated turnover during the first four year was more than double.

Contrary to a wide range of products RAT in Frankfurt offers, RAT Taicang focuses on “Machinery” and “Tooling” .“Machinery” will draft, design, procure and produce machinery equipment and also assemble it from set up to a complete solution. With links to its parent company, RAT can operate in Asia, North and South America and Europe to cover almost the entire world market.

“Tooling” on the other hand will give international customers the oportunity to enter the chinese market. The RAT Taicang wants to offer customers information on how and where to enter the chinese market, set up contacts with local suppliers and to follow along the production process. Moreover the company is buying and reselling tools and spare parts itself and offering worldwide service for machine tools and machines made in China.

With the moving to the new production facility, we are now able to produce almost 90% of all pre-production parts as small batches, including a final waterjet cut – in our newly built pilot plant for prototyping.